Impact of Technology in our Lives

Importance of technology

With the advent of 21st century, almost each and every aspect of human life is affected by technology. From our birthday to death day, the time we wake up early in the morning to the time we go to sleep again, what we eat, what we do and especially how we do, every aspect in some way or other is effected by technology. In short we can’t ignore even a single aspect of life that is not bothered by technology. It has impacted us so deeply that we could’t imagine how our life would be if we remove technology from our lives. Let’s look around ourselves. Can we imagine our life without a time clock or a mobile phone or internet? No doubt technology has totally changed our lives with such insidious impacts that it is hard to look back and imagine a life without technology in this 21st century and in coming future.

De-merits of Technology

We are well aware about the marvelous innovations , unique gadgets and astounding inventions we are enjoying as a result of technology but on the other hand we are also paying these remarkable inventions in terms of various psychological and physical health effects. As every age group is enjoying the blessings of technology similarly, every age group is paying for it as well.

As it is a wellknown fact that excess of every thing is bad,same goes with the case of technology.Excess use of technology, especially in non productive ways can lead to serious physcological and physical health effects. Physcological effects includesdepression, anxiety and isolation particularly in youth. Although internet, social media and various other technologies are meant to bring people closer to reduce the impact of physical distance but excess use of social media may cause opposite impact as well especially in young adults.  According to various researches, young adults with age group 19 to 32 years, who are addicted to social media are more likely to get isolated than those who are not addicted to it. Similar case goes with depression and anxiety along with physical health effects. Excess use of technology may lead to visionary issues, poor sitting postures causing various orthopedic issues.

No doubt it is a universal fact that benefits of technology are much more than the drawbacks if utilized in proper productive ways.

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