How to transfer data from iPhone to iPhone

Are you already an iPhone user and want to replace your old iPhone with a new one? And you are concerned how will you transfer your existing data to your new iPhone device? Well it is of no concern as iPhone to iPhone data transfer is quite easy, simple and quick. Like android phones data transfer from iPhone to iPhone can occur either by cable or through wireless means by use of different apps

Data transfer from iPhone to iPhone by data cable

First download and install Any-trans app on your computer and launch it on you system. Then connect your both new and old iPhones to the computer with the help of USB cables and then click on Phone Switcher option. Then select iPhone to iPhone mode and choose your source and target iPhones. After selecting source and target devices click next option to continue. List of files to be transferred will be displayed on your screen. Select the suitable files you need to transfer and enjoy

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Data transfer from iPhone to iPhones by wireless means

  • Data transfer by Quick Start

Data from iPhone to iPhone can also be transferred by wireless means using Quick start. Just place your both iPhones close to each other and ensure Bluetooth as powered availability on your old device. Your new device should also be powered on. Click continue button when your old device will show Quick start screen. An animation will appear on your new device. Hold your previous device to scan this animation. After the data has been migrated enter your pass code and Apple ID password from old iPhone to new device and proceed further. Select the files you want to transfer and enjoy.

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  • Data transfer by iCloud

Turn on wifi on your old iPhone and backup your data. Then turn on your new device and follow on screen instruction of creating passcode. Select Restore from iCloud backup when you reach apps and data screen and sign in with your apple ID.

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Apps to transfer data from iPhone to iPhone

Various apps have been designed to transfer data from iPhone to iPhone. Few of them are

  • AnyTrans
  • PhoneTrans
  •  iSkysoft iTransfer
  • iMazing
  • Dr.fone – Phone Transfer
  • Syncios Data Transfer
  • ApowerManager
  • WALTR 2
  • iExplorer
  • Tansee iPhone Transfer
  •  iPhone Transfer Software – Comparison Chart

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