How to transfer data from android to iPhone

With the passage of time the ratio of iPhone users have increased and most android users are shifting from their android phones to iPhone. Different ways are available that allow us to transfer data from android phones to iPhone. Some common methods are discussed below

Data transfer with cables

It is convenient to transfer data from android phone to iphone with the help of data cables. All you need is to have a desktop PC, any suitable app and a data cable and then follow the steps below

First download any suitable app e.g. Mobile Tran-Phone Trans on your desktop system. Then connect your iphone device and android device to your system by using data cable and then select Phone Transfer mode from the given set of options. Both devices will be displayed on your screen. Select the files you want to transfer and then click the start button. It should be noted that the devices should not disconnect during the whole procedure in order to transfer complete data.

Data transfer without cables

Data can also be transferred from  android phone to iphone without using data cables. This can be done by

  • Cloud service using dropbox.
  • By google drive
  • Apps for data transfer

For detailed method and procedure for data transfer visit

Apps for data transfer

Following are some common apps for data transfer from android to iphone

  • Droid Transfer

For details visit

  • Move to Ios

  • Contact Transfer

  • Smart Transfer

  • Android File Transfer

  • SHAREit

For more brief details visit

Data transfer after setup Data can be transferred from android phone  to iphone after set up. Install google drive on your iphone and then backup your files on your android phone. It should be noted that only move to IOS app work during phone setup. Only files, videos, photos and app data will be transferred by this methodology.

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