3 important settings in iPhone that every user should do.

Protecting your iPhone data from thieves and securing your device from theft are important features, and iPhones are no exception. They have a range of security features designed to keep your data safe and protect your device from theft.

Here are some anti-theft settings you can use on your iPhone.

1.Find My

  1. To begin, open the Settings app.
  2. Once inside, navigate to your name and tap on it. Then, proceed to tap on Find My, followed by Find My iPhone. Enable the option labeled “Send Last Location.”
  3. In the event that a thief tries to power on/off your phone, this feature ensures that the last known location will be shared.
  4. Additionally, from the Lock Screen, you can conveniently access several frequently used features such as widgets, media playback controls, and Control Center.


When the iPhone is locked, you can control access to these items. The iPhone does not allow USB connections when it is locked for security reasons.

⦁ If you turn off Lock Screen access to a feature, you prevent someone who has your iPhone from viewing any personal information that it might contain (such as an upcoming event in the Calendar widget). However, you also lose quick access to the information yourself.

2.Face ID & Passcode

The designers have designed the unlocking system on iPhone X and later to replace Touch ID with Face ID.

Besides unlocking a device by biometric authentication, it also allows making payment, accessing data, and more. Note that it is only applicable to all new iPhone models.

iPhone 8 and earlier models can enable Touch ID, not Face ID.

⦁ Face ID & Passcode – Disable “Control Centre” and “Accessories” so that thief, so Protect Your iPhone Data From Thieves that can put your iPhone in Aero plane Mode and will unable to reset the iPhone with PC,etc.

3. Screen Time- Content & Privacy Restriction

⦁ Screen Time- Content & Privacy Restriction and enable it, Protect Your iPhone Data From Thieves then scroll down it and “Passcode Changes” Don’t Allow then set “Use Screen Time Passcode” and set Passcode. If the even the thief spying you and knowing your Passcode, he/she will unable to change or remove the Apple ID.

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