Android Vs iPhone is batter. Both android and iPhone are wonders of technology and entire world has been benefitted by them. Both technologies have their own pros and cones and it is difficult to compare both technologies as it is the matter of ones vision that which technology is better for him. It is entirely dependent on the fact that what the requirement is. Any how some basic points that differentiate both technologies are



Although android phone cameras give good result but if you are more concerned regarding picture quality then go for iPhone. Picture quality in iPhone is far better than android phones

Typing keyboard

Both iPhone and android have almost same type of keyboard but android keyboard is more convenient and easy as it is equipped with swipe gestures and most important punctuation marks on same screen that lacks in iPhone.

Typing keyboard

Apps management

Both technologies have wonderful app stores but apps management on android is more synchronized as compared to iPhone as it displays more important apps on home screen and hiding less useful apps

Notification management

Navigation plane

Both technologies are good at managing notifications but notifications on iPhone can be managed by a single click without opening the app. On the other hand android allows you to prioritize your notifications and notifications can be cleared with a single swipe by android


Google maps is the best app for navigations and is available on both technologies but supports android only.  This is the main feature that iPhone technology lacks

Contacts Management

iPhone automatically connects Facebook and other network apps thus creating a mess however android uses a separate app for this purpose. Hence contact management is better in android.

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Above mentioned points is just one view that hoe he see both apps. Which technology is more useful completely depends on one’s requirement.

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